About Steam Port

Steam Port is a prototyping lab and a coworking space and aims to create an environment for the research, design, development and testing of IoT 360° solutions, but with specific reference to applications in the fields of the smart home automation, computer vision, digital fabrication and robotics.

Our Crew

Our team is a perfect mix of different skills and point of view, but with a common mindset

Attilio Mandola
Designer / Developer

Maker to the bone

I'm fluctuating between design and dev worlds, I work as full stack dev, designer and electronics developer.

Ciro Natale

Hardware developer

I develop hardware projects from electronics to software.

Filomena Capobianco
Account manager / Translator

I'm in love with foreign languages

I'm responsible for the blog content and for the international contacts.

Valentino Palermo
Account manager

I love PR

I'm responsible for the organizational part and for the accounting as well as for the digital PR and developers technical assistance.

Gianfranco Mandola
Photographer / Videomaker

I love taking photos

I work as a freelance photographer because I can't sing and dance

Diego Corini
SEO / Social manager

Google is your friend

I plan, act, and work on social media and SEO strategies to align projects with business goals.